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An assignment-based photo posting community that encourages creativity, support and fun!


1. 'Assignments' will be generated by the community at large and ultimately decided on by the community moderators. If no assignments are suggested the community moderators will determine one.

2. You can opt to ask for a critique on a photo you post but must specify so. Otherwise community members are neither obligated to post a photo for an assignment or obligated to comment on another community member's photo. Commenting is encouraged but not necessary. The same is true for posting. We are all busy!

3. Pictures that are posted for the sake of 'trolling' the community are prohibited and will be deleted. Decisions with regard to this will be up to the site moderators at their discretion.

4. Please post only your own original photos (of coarse!).

5. Photos that are larger than 640x480 should be put behind an LJ cut tag. For more information on LJ tags go here!


6. Images that are posted belong to the person posting them. A community member should not download another community member's photo for any purpose unless permission is granted.

7. Nudity or sexual imagery of a creative fashion is encouraged at Photo-A-Gogo! Nudity or sexual imagery that is posted for shock value alone will be considered troll like behavior and treated as such. (See above)

**IMORTANT STUFF can and will be changed by the community moderators as the community grows and changes.

A Few Words About Critique and Commentary

This community serves as a place for people who enjoy taking photos to post and get feedback. There is no competitive aspect here, only a structure that enables people to get their creative juices flowing. Comments are encouraged! Constructive criticism is encouraged
but only when asked for specifically. Constructive criticism should be just that, constructive. Negativity, bashing and general rudeness will not be tolerated here! Please think about your words as you post them. All decisions with regard to this issue will be made by the community moderators.

Assignment Schedule

I am listing these in order by week but am not putting actual dates on them cuz ya never know what might happen! I also want to encourage people to post their photos even if they are 'late' or what have you. So here it is!

Heat - Week 1
Environmental Portrait - Week 2
Motion - Week 3
Summer - Week 4
Food - Week 5 (during week 5 please feel free to post pictures of any or all of these topics!
  • making food
  • eating food
  • food gone wrong
  • food in nature
  • finding food
  • hunger

Anticipation - Week 6
Satisfaction - Week 7
Discomfort - Week 8
Circles - Week 9
Self portrait - Week 10
Words - Week 11
Life - Week 12
Age - Week 13
Shape - Week 14
Color - Week 15